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Services We Offer

Individualized Counseling

Our trained licensed, and certified counselors will provide clients with private and confidential therapy sessions. During these individual sessions, clients will have the opportunity to share all their struggles with substance abuse, trauma, and mental health-related issues.


Couples Counseling

Although being in a romantic relationship is not recommended while in recovery, we understand that couples often experience substance abuse and mental illness together and can easily become co-dependent towards each other. Substance abuse and mental illness can 

easily destroy healthy relationships. Advance Care LLC does offer Couples Counseling for those who need it. During couples counseling our trained counselors will attempt to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling is available daily to our clients in a psycho-educational group setting. During group counseling sessions clients can share and relate to their peers. Groups are beneficial to each client because it allows an open forum to express ongoing struggles and to receive positive feedback from their own peers. During group sessions we will address topics such as substance abuse, big book, dual addictions, safe sex education, life skills training, decision making skills, and relapse prevention. 

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Dual Diagnosis Services

Dual Diagnosis services are also available for clients who have received a dual disorder diagnosis. Although dual diagnosis clients require a variety of treatment services, Advance Care LLC understands the complex needs of a dually disordered person and we can properly assess, educate, and treat this type of client.

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Family Counseling

Current research demonstrates that involving family members in the treatment process can accomplish two things, it can accelerate the course of recovery, and it will help sustain abstinence after treatment. Our family therapist can help with family-related problems.

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DUI Services

We assist with providing the necessary DUI Classes to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, DMV, Education, Insurance Companies, and Employers. We provide online classes that are led by fully credentialed and licensed Counselors and Instructors.

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AA/NA Meetings

Advance Care believes that AA/NA meetings in conjunction with our counseling services and therapeutic support, has positive impacts on our consumers' treatment and recovery.  AA/NA Meetings allow individuals to share their experience, strength and hope with each other. 

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